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This wiki will describe Fusemon of any kind. Fusemon stands for "Fusion Pokemon." A Fusemon is described as being a fanmade Pokemon created by fusing two or more official Nintendo Pokemon together. A typical Fusemon should have a name and it should be clear which Pokemon were used to create it. While the wiki may seem a bit bare right now, it can grow with the help of you and many others! Please, edit and create as many pages as you can. Please note: Original Fakemon creations should be posted in the Unofficial Pokemon Wiki.


Fusemon, or Fusion Pokemon, describes a fanmade Pokemon created by combining the sprites of two or more official Nintendo Pokemon. Unlike official Pokemon, Fusemon do not have to be single or dual-types, you may use as many types as you wish! Fusemon also do not have a limit to how many times they evolve! A satisfactory Fusemon should have a fair sprite quality, an appropriate name, and it should be clear which Pokemon were used to create the Fusemon (For example, a simple blue and purple recolor Pikachu does not look like a Pikachu/Zubat Fusemon). Please remember that not everyone is a master spriter, so please be respectful to others. A typical Fusemon name combines the two Pokemon that were used (Eeveechu, for example).

If you are new to or having trouble creating sprites, please use the URL below. The sprites generated are not exactly beautiful, however it is a good place to start for beginners.

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